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Health Centre Building Project

We moved into the current health centre on Newcastle Road on 2nd November 2007. Scroll down below to see pictures of the building as it took shape between February 07 and November 07.



By the end of July most of the exterior render, stone work and windows are in place and work now continues inside the building with the fitting of internal doors, walls, pipework and cabling.


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End of June 2007

The building now has a roof and all external walls are in place. Work is now moving to the internal fittings of walls, ceilings, wiring etc. The photograph below gives a view from the waiting area looking towards what will become the reception desk (left) and the dispensary desk (right).















New Health Centre Update 25th May 2007

The outer walls of the building are now fully contructed and stone cladding is being applied to the gable end and to some sections of the lower ground floor. Internal walls are now being put in place and it is possible to see much more clearly, the scale of the building and it’s finished look.














New Health Centre Update 10th May 2007

The structure of the building is now taking shape, the outer timber panels are in place and the roof structure is being contructed.














New Health Centre Update 1st May 2007

The foundations of the building are now in place and the timber frame kit has started to arrive.

The timber panels are being placed along the outer perimeter of the lower ground floor giving a real impression of how the finished building will look.

The door and window positions can be clearly seen and the scaffolding gives some idea of the size of the building.














[1st May 2007]

New Health Centre Update 12th April 2007

Work is now entering it’s 7th week, the foundations have been laid and the ‘L-shaped’ footprint of the building is now clearly visible.

The two-storey section of the building will be positioned up the left hand side of the site whilst the area along the top of the site will be one storey at upper ground floor level. The area where the yellow portacabin is positioned, and the road leading up to it, will eventually become the car park.

To date no major delays have been encountered and completion is still expected for November 2007.





[12th April 2007]

New Health Centre Update 29th March 2007

The site has been cleared and the foundations are being put in place. Pipes for drainage have also arrived on site and the upper level at the rear of the site is much more clearly defined. The upper level will eventually house the consulting rooms, reception area and dispensary whilst the lower level will house administrative areas and offices for community staff and practice administrators.


[29th March 2007]

New Health Centre Update 15th March 2007

It is now much easier to identify the area on which the building will be constructed.

Posts are used to mark out the template of the building and the lower and upper levels of the building are becoming more clearly defined.

















[15th March 2007]



New Health Centre Update 8th March 2007

The task of removing the earth to level off the site continues. An entrance has now been created so that lorries carrying earth off the site can have access to Newcastle Road.

A fence has been placed round the perimeter of the site and a mound of top soil has been retained for landscaping in the latter stages of the build.



[8th March 2007]


Work Starts on New Health Centre Building 1st March 2007

We are delighted to announce that work has now started on the new health centre site.

An entrance way has been created from Newcastle Road and the contractors have started on the removal of a huge amount of earth to level out the centre of the site.

For health and safety reasons we have been asked to discourage members of the public from walking up to the site to see how the building is progressing. However we aim to provide regular bulletins in the reception waiting area as well as on the website to keep everyone informed about what is happening.

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