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Medical education

We are a training practice and you may be offered an appointment with a GP Registrar. These doctors are fully qualified and will have had a number of years experience in several hospital specialties before embarking on the vocational training course to become a GP. They spend periods of 6 months in general practice and in hospital placements at various stages of this training which takes 3 years in total.

Foundation Year 2 doctors are junior doctors who spend 4 months in general practice as part of their rotation through various specialities before deciding on their chosen career. They are medical graduates whose experience may be limited but they are closely mentored by one of our GPs.

We also teach medical students and sometimes you may be asked to see the doctor or nurse with a student present. You will always be asked beforehand if this is acceptable and you may ask for the student to withdraw if you prefer to have your consultation in private. Some students are required to see patients alone and will do this in either a parallel surgery where the appointment starts with the student but a GP joins in part way through or a ‘hot seat’ surgery where the GP remains in the room whilst the student speaks to the patient.

More information on our training services is available in our library section.