Flu Vaccinations


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The Department of Health recommends annual flu vaccination for the following patients:

  •  all patients aged 65 years and over
  •  patients aged six months to 64 years in clinical risk  groups (eg patients with diabetes, asthma, impaired  immunity, high BMI)
  •  pregnant women
  •  all children aged two to eight on 31 August 2018
  •  those in long-stay residential care homes
  •  carers
  • patients with learning disabilities

The vaccination is manufactured each year in accordance with World Health Organisation guidance about the active strains of influenza virus and, for maximum benefit, it is recommended that vaccination is given in the early Autumn.

Our open clinics provide a quick and efficient way of vaccinating large numbers of patients in a very short timescale. Clinics can be very busy (particularly during the first half an hour) but we ensure that at least 3 members of staff are available throughout the session to minimise waiting times. The car park can become very busy during these clinics so do please consider parking in the village or over the bridge and/or walking to the Health Centre if you are able to do so.

Further information about flu vaccination is available here: