The Care.Data Project

From the end of October 2013 the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) will start to extract coded GP data from our clinical systems each month as part of a project known as Care.Data. This is a National data extraction run by NHS England and is a mandatory requirement for GP practices.

The data being extracted will be linked with data from hospitals and community services in order to provide a fuller picture of how care is delivered within the NHS. This will then be used to plan improvements and future developments. Information such as your postcode and NHS Number (but not your name) will be used to link your records in a secure system so that your identity is protected. The information will be used by researchers and those planning future health services to improve the delivery of care throughout the NHS in England.

You do have a choice however, about whether you wish your data to be used in this way and GP practices are being asked to make patients aware of this project, particularly where there may be concerns about data protection.

The following documents give information about the project:

Care.Data Patient information leaflet.pdf

Care.Data Patient – frequently asked questions.pdf

Should you wish to have your data excluded from the project please email the following address with your name, date of birth and one (or both) of the following statements:

Email address for electronic responses:

  • I wish to prevent Personal confidential data leaving the GP practice
  • I wish to prevent personal, confidential data gathering from any health and social care setting from leaving the HSCIC Information Centre